Super Baby Food

Okay, I just felt the need to post about this book! I LOVE it!! It has any information you might want to know about making baby food for your baby. It goes all the way up through toddler age children.  It has been so helpful and I have not even gotten past the baby food section of the book.  If I have a question about something with baby food, the index is amazing and I can always find the answer. I cannot rave about this book enough.  If you plan to make your own baby food (which so far I have LOVED doing) you need this book! My neighbor left this for me when she moved across the world.  She said she did not need it anymore and said it was her favorite book ever and that I should feel honored she is leaving it to me! haha! I totally get where she was coming from! And I didn't understand it then, I thought she was being a little dramatic but now I understand why she was so crazy about this book! Well, enough about the baby food book.  Now that Thomas is sleeping regular naps I have been able to crack more books.  I am reading one now that I have only 30 pages left (Hope I can finish this soon). I will post about it!! Stay tuned!!

I will leave you with a picture of Thomas wearing his Daddy's security hat! =)