Wedding Week is over!! =)

Well, my brother is married off to a wonderful lady and they are probably in Mexico by now.  It was crazy watching him up there saying his vows to the girl he has dated since he was 16!! All  I could think of while I watched him was the annoying little brother he had always been to me! haha! And now he is all grown up and getting married.  Good grief, I thought only parents had those thoughts as their kids got married. =) I dont have any pictures since I was in the wedding party.  I will post some as soon I get my hands on some!! It went so smoothly and was a beautiful ceremony! =)


Linda said…
It was a beautiful wedding and I know your family couldn't be more proud of Jacob! And who doesn't LOVE Lauren?? Ernie got some great pictures, so as soon as we get them downloaded, I'll send them your way!