7 Months Old!!

I cant believe Thomas is over a 1/2 year old!! He is growing so fast. Here is his 7 month picture:

7 months old
Stats: I dont have any stats for this month.  Next month I will weigh him and try to get his length.  Then we go back to the Pediatricians office when he is 9 months old.

Eating/Sleeping: I have been giving him baby food for a month now and I have made some and bought some.  It is not hard to make it but I am still trying to decide if I want to keep making it or buy already jarred.  It is a big decision for me because I have thought for a long time that I would just make it but it is turning out to not be as cheap as I thought it would and he likes the Gerber food better.  We will see what I end up doing. It is definitely easier to pick him up some already made while I am at the store buying our groceries. He is sleeping great.  All night still and he is napping like a champ almost every day.  He has bad days but that is expected.  But for the most part he has a morning nap and afternoon nap for about 2-3hours each time.  I am able to get so much done during his naps.  During the morning nap I do some Bible Study and drink some coffee then workout and if he is taking a really good nap I can get a shower.  It is AMAZING! =)

Clothing: 9-12 Months.  He has a few 6 month clothing items that still fit but they are getting fewer and fewer! =)

Talking: In the last month he has distinctly said, "da-da", "ma-ma" and "no-no."  Right now, everyone is, "ma-ma." If he wants the attention of a person the just starts saying "ma-ma."  It is very cute and funny.

New Things: He is getting up on all 4's and rocking.  He has not figured out how to move his arms and legs together to crawl but I think he will figure it out very, very soon.  He usually gets up on all 4's and then falls and army crawls to whatever he wants.

Also, he is non-stop.  It was hard to get his picture in the chair this month.  Here are a few outtakes.


Linda said…
He is growing up too fast! I have loved having you in the back row with us at church so I can see Thomas in action. What a handsome, sweet, healthy boy!
Rebecca Pearl said…
he is just so precious! I can't believe how big he is getting!