Honey Did List!

So, I dont have a lot of jewelry but I have enough that my jewelry tree was always falling over.  I could never keep it level and I was afraid that my "real" jewelry would get lost in all the cosmetic jewelry.  A week or two ago I bought some hooks so that I could better separate the jewelry and get it off the tree and off the bathroom counter since we don't have very much room as it is.

Thomas and I went with my parents to their farm in VA last week for a few days.  Derek had to work so he came up on Saturday and stayed the day and we came back together Saturday night. When I got home Derek had not only cleaned the house but hung the hooks and waited for me to organize my jewelry the way I wanted.  I was so excited.  He had also hung Thomas' Frog that holds his bath toys!

It was so fun to come home and have those things up! It feels much more organized and not so cluttered in our bathroom now!! I wish I had before pictures but I didn't take any.  But here is the final product.  I like the way it organizes the necklaces so that they don't get all tangled together.

I have such a sweet husband!! Instead of a Honey Do List.  This is my Honey Did List!! =)