Life with a 6 Month Old

6 Months old seemed to be a turning point for Thomas.  He changed his napping schedule to 2 naps a day instead of napping between each feeding.  He has always been a consistent baby as soon as I got him set to a schedule. So that fact that he has changed his nap schedule was wonderful and hard at the same time.  It took me only about a week to figure out his new consistent schedule.  He wakes up after sleeping exactly 12 hours (I usually feed him once during the 12hrs). And he eats, plays and about 2hrs later he is ready for a morning nap. If he decides to take good naps he is 2-3hrs at this nap time. He wakes up nurses, eats some baby food and is up for 3hrs.  He is then ready for an afternoon nap.
such a consistent little fellow. I am so happy about this new nap schedule.  Everyone has told me that by the time you have something down they change it on you.  So, I am appreciating this as much as I can right now because who knows when he will not be so predictable and we will be in for another change. =) But thus far 6 months has been a welcome change.  I like an orderly house and these long nap times has given me the opportunity to feel like my house is not a disaster zone every day.  It is by no means spick and span but it is at least orderly and that is all I can ask for right now and for the remainder of the days that I have children. The other new 6month thing is baby food.  I have so much fun making and feeding Thomas baby food.  That is something I look forward to each day.  I know it will eventually become one more thing I have to do and not so new for both of us but for now, I really enjoy it. So, 6 months, I welcome you and all the challenges and wonderful things you bring! Over all, I love being a mom and cant wait to be a mom again one day (Im not pregnant) I just know that I want more children (and a lot of them). =)