"Loving the Little Years"

So, I mentioned in the last post that I am reading a book well here it is! Loving the Little Years I finished it the night I wrote the last post.

This is the first book I have completed since Thomas has been born. It was such a good book.  My neighbor was telling me about it and I said, I have got to read that book! She said she was almost done and I could borrow her copy when she was done.  By the end of the day it was on my door. I was so excited.  I started reading it right away. It is a book that once you start it is really hard to put down.

I loved that this book made me think about the right now, with one child and looking ahead to multiple children.  I want a lot of children and this book was such an encouragement. Because I also like an orderly house and most of the time those do not come hand in hand. =)

Some highlights from this book for me were (these are not quotes just some ideas and thoughts I pulled from what she said):

- As long as my attitude is in shape that is what really matters.  My house can be a wreck but as long as I have an attitude that is pleasing to the Lord and gracious to my children we are doing alright. 

- Is my annoyance with my children because of my own selfishness?? I need to watch my own selfish nature as much as I need to guide my children to not be selfish. (guilty of this already in my child's 1st 6 months of life)

-  Take interest in your children individually.  It is not their fault you had an army worth of children.  Make sure you know each one and what they want and what they like.  (This gave me the idea that when we have children old enough it would be really neat to let each one have a night where they stay up about 30min later than the rest of the kids and Derek and I can invest in each child and learn their likes and their dislikes and really know each child individually). 

- Get to the heart of the child when there is a disagreement or fight not just settle the argument.  She gave the example of her children fighting over a flashlight. She asked them who was more important their sibling or the flashlight.  Obviously, the sibling.  Explain to them that they don't need to let an item not as important get in the way of loving their sibling.  

- If your children want to help, let them! Even if it is not convenient for me or I can do it quicker.  Let them help especially cooking dinner or baking something. I can't let me selfishness claim that sweet time with my child. 

- "Me Time" is okay! If the infant needs to cry in their crib for a few minutes so you can get a shower it is okay! This is a big one for me especially when Thomas was a tiny baby.  All I wanted was a shower and I felt like I couldnt get one with out him screaming his head off.  And then I felt like a bad mom for just letting him cry when all he needed was mommy.  So, this was encouraging because I have had to do that before.  

- Me time is okay but a mom also has to realize the being a mom is a wonderful thing and outside of finding your identity in Christ, your identity comes from being a wife and a mom and that is a good thing! =) 

This was so encouraging and these are just a few things that I pulled away from this book.  I will buy it for other mom especially new mommas that want multiple children!

This book was about 100 pages and after finishing this one I have started a 200 page book (maybe it wont take me twice as long! lol) Shepherding a Child's Heart 

All these books that are out about leading a child and guiding them to love Christ more than just obey instructions that come from a parent.  I am learning so much about parenting already and I love it!  


Cindy Lou said…
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this book. It is one of my favorite mommy books ever! I enjoyed reading a few things that you took away from it, as it's been months since I read it, so now I want to re-read it!
Tara said…
I loved this book too! As a matter of fact, it sits on my nightstand for easy reference :)
Linda said…
Sounds like a wonderful book with lots of tidbits to hold in your heart!