8 Months Old - 8/17/11

I cannot believe I have not written in a whole month!! It has been a crazy month around here.  Thomas and I have been to Alaska and back! He has changed so much in the past month it is crazy. I will catch everyone up on life so soon.

For now, here is Thomas' 8 Month post!

Stats: I tried weighing Thomas with my weight on the scale and then picking him up.  If it is accurate, he is about 21lbs.  I am thinking that might be a little heavy but not unreasonable since he was 19lbs at his 6 month appointment.

Eating/Sleeping:  Thomas has always been a good eater form the very beginning but in the last month he has started eating "puffs", "Mum-Mums", and cheese along with his baby food.  I have been making his baby food and for the most part I make all of it.  I have figured out it is not that hard even to make enough just for the week.  I will decided which fruit and veggie he will have for the week and I buy them when I buy mine and Derek's food for the week.  It has been so easy and Thomas is eating it better now too.  For a while he preferred the store bought Gerber baby food. 

Sleeping took a toll on him when traveling to Alaska.  It took about a week for him to get back into only waking up once a night. He was so spoiled in Alaska because he got to sleep in the bed with me every night.  The night we got home and put him in his own bed he was not happy about it and screamed for about 30min then decided to go on to sleep. After that he did pretty good other than thinking he needed to wake up and eat every 4hrs throughout the night.  That has changed back now and he is sleeping his normal 7-9hrs and on occasion he will give me 6hrs. =) 

Clothing: 9-12 Months.  If I buy more clothes now, they are 12months.

Talking:  "ma-ma" and "da-da" are still his words.  I am thinking he is beginning to realize who he is talking to when he says our names. I am not certain because sometimes he calls random people ma-ma. 

New Things:  The boy is crawling EVERYWHERE!! It is exhausting cruising around after  him all over the house.  It is also so precious because he knows when I leave the room and will follow me wherever I am.  He mostly follows me into the kitchen. 

He is pulling up on things (everything).  This scares me a little.  When he was sitting and would fall over he didn't have very far to go and it didn't scare me as bad.  Now that he is standing it is a lot harder and further fall.  This one scares me a little. (So, any seasoned momma out there with advice on this - should I try to stand behind him every time he pulls up so that I can break his fall or let him  fall and learn???) 

His balance is strengthening and I think he is at least desiring to walk.  For a while he had no desire but to crawl around on the floor.  I was fine with that but it didnt take long and now he is wanting to walk. 

Climbing stairs has become his favorite thing to do.  If one of us is upstairs and he hears us talking he will try his best to get up the stairs as fast as he can.  It is adorable.

He has become quite the little "ham" and does everything he can to get me a laugh at him.  He is so adorable and I am dying to catch one of his little "cheesing" episodes on camera.  It is so cute!! 

Lots of new things this month!! I leave you with the 8 month picture!! 

8 Months Old


Linda said…
I love the way each picture has him barely sitting long enough to snap a shot! He is a little boy on the move for sure and sooooo cute!
Rebecca Pearl said…
Oh my, is he really that old! I SO miss seeing is smiling face each week! Miss all of you!