9 Months Old - 9/17/2012

9 Months!! Crazy how our boy has grown.  This post is really late because Derek has needed the laptop for school and since he doesn't get home until 11pm most nights I am just now getting around to writing this post! 

We had a doctor appointment this month and her only concern was that since 4 months he has progressively gone down in his weight percentage (He is still gaining weight, just not very fast).  He was 92% at 4 months and now at 8 months he was 50%.  I still do not think he is lacking in weight at all so I am just going to keep doing what I am doing.  He is soo active right now I think that is the issue. 

Stats:  20.7lbs (50%)   29" (75%) 

Eating/Sleeping:   Nursing: Thomas is nursing 4 times a day and sleeping about 10hrs at night before wanting to wake up to eat. He is slowly becoming disinterested in 1 of his 2 day time feedings.  I have found out that if I pump he is more likely to take a bottle than nurse. I think that this is him already beginning to wean himself.  Maybe he will be an easy one to wean. Baby food: he is eating 3 times a day and I have upped him to the stage 3 baby food since he crawling more now.  I am still working this out and how I am suppose to make this stage 3 type food at home. Cheerios have become a great snack for him and he is loving it.  Thomas also eats cheese as a snack too.  He is great at the pincer grasp and pick up the cheerios and cheese on his own. Sleeping: He is sleep 10-12hrs at night and has recently started waking up at 6am.  This is a little early for me.  I was really liking the 7-8am times frame. Im not going to lie.  I hope he goes back to that and this is just a phase. 

Clothing: He is definitely in 12 months clothes.

Talking:  Thomas' first word was "ball" as far as correlating the item with the name. The other thing Thomas is saying is "Opa" this is the name for my dad sometimes it is Opa sometimes Thomas says "O" and some times it is "Pa." But either way he LOVES his Opa! It is so precious!!  

New Things:  Thomas is continuing to crawl and cruise around.  He is talking more and is starting to correlate people with their names. He loves going around the house and pointing at our pictures.  I will go over who all is in the picture, he just smiles and smiles.  I love it!! My dad (Thomas' Opa) has been taking him on rides on the "Mule" not the animal but the ATV farm vehicle.  This has quickly become Thomas' favorite thing to do! It is his and Opa's thing. I think that is about it! He has also learned this month how to lower himself after he pulls up.  So, in that regard it doesnt scare me as much! =) He is growing up so fast!! 

9 Months Old