Coupon Steals!

I have recently had a few coupon steals that have made couponing so worth it! I try to feed my family healthy meals so at times it is hard to use coupons when they come through because some of the foods are not very healthy.  Occasionally there are good deals and you just can't pass it up! I have had a few of those recently.  The first one was at Target.

I was out for a leisure Target trip. This is a common occurrence with the this awful hot summer we have had in NC.  It was something I could do to get out of the house with Thomas and not be scorched by this heat.  Thankfully, I think fall weather is on its way!!  Well, back to my deal.  I decided to take a few of my coupons and browse their clearance and sales to see what I could find.  I had a $3 off 2 CoverGirl items  which full price still does not make it a steal but helps if you already need something.  But, to my surprise, they had their mascara on clearance! I looked at the price and it was 50% off.

I did the math really quick and realized I could get 2 mascaras for a little over .50 cents a piece!! Seriously?!? now that is a steal! So, needless to say, I swiped 2 mascaras and paid my $1.24. Thus, a successful leisure trip to Target!! =)

My second coupon deal was for a new kind of ice cream. It is called Front Porch and it is made in North Carolina (Mooresville, NC) How cool is that! This ice cream is only a pint and it is $3.69 a pint.  When the coupon came through, I kept it just in case they went on BOGO. Low and behold it did!! The coupon that I had was for $2.50 off 2.  So I was able to get 2 of them for $1.19.  Seriously! I had 2 coupons so I bought 4 pints of ice cream! My favorite was the Red Velvet.  Derek liked all the flavors so much he was asking if there was a way to find more of those coupons. haha.  Maybe more will come through and Food Lion will put them back on BOGO!

 This is why I like couponing.  It save a little bit of money each week and occasionally you get lucky and get some really good deals!! 


Lauren Goetze said…
I LOVE good couponing stories!!! Doesn't it feel good to be a super saver?
Cindy Lou said…
Does it make me a total and complete nerd that I got so excited when I saw your post title? I LOVE successful couponing-- and for me, I agree with you, successful couponing means saving money while still feeding your family healthy food. Good job, AG! Oh, and the red velvet ice cream kinda made me wish I was eating that instead of drinking my smoothie this morning. Yay for local products!