10 Months Old

I'm late...again! Oh well, at least it is getting posted I guess that is the main thing. =)

On October 17, 2012 Thomas turned 10months old! He is getting so big and is learning so much.  It blows my mind the things he learns each day.

Stats: 22.5 lbs.  (This is from our scales...so I don't know that it is completely accurate but generally the boy is gaining some weight.)

Eating: Thomas is still eating 4x a day and then baby food in between.  He has started eating table food.  I give him little bits of whatever we are eating. He loves it so much he is deciding he doesn't want baby food a lot of the time.  He still LOVES cheerios and if he wont eat anything else, I always know he will eat Cheerios.

Sleep: - He sleeps 11-12hrs each night and has just recently started going that long between eating.  So I am not waking up with him at all to eat in the middle of the night.  This took a few nights of coaxing and making him realize he doesnt need to eat but now it is the norm. I am a happy Momma for sure!! =)

Clothing: Thomas is wearing 12month clothes.

Talking: Thomas talks all the time.  He also talks into the screen of my iPhone.  We regularly "talk" to Daddy on the phone (even if he is not really on the phone). It is so precious.  Also, when Derek leaves for work we always say, "Bye Daddy! I love you." Thomas has always repeated some jibber jabber that didnt really resemble what we were trying to get him to say but he consistently says the same jibber jabber if that makes sense.  He tries so hard. Just the other day he said it to Derek when he was leaving without being solicited. It was the sweetest thing!! =)

New Things: He has always liked being outside but now he likes playing outside and we have some neighbor friends that are around his age (within a few months) and they all play together now and it is so much fun! Thomas has a car that our old neighbors left for him and he really likes riding it and even just sitting on it. If we go outside and don't let him play on it, he gets upset. It is so precious.

10 Months Old


Linda said…
Time is flying by! Such a cute little guy and such a good mommy!