Baby George #2

Because of the bleeding and a few other small complications with this pregnancy I have had quite a few ultrasounds. Our most recent one was last week.  The ultrasound tech checked every thing and the baby was growing fine and looked good. He measured the neck for down syndrome and every thing checked out ok. We werent really concerned about this since my doctor said she thought I would be fine without having all the other blood work done to check for it. They could have told us the gender if the baby would have cooperated but of course baby did not! :) Thats ok! It would have been a guess at this point any way.  They still want to continue to see me through my pregnancy so we will be going back the beginning of January and then we will find out the gender for sure. :) So exciting to find out this time.

Here is a picture from the ultrasound.  It is amazing how much this baby looks like a baby even at 12 week gestation.


Lauren Goetze said…
I can't wait to find out what this sweet Baby George is!! Aunt Lucy is guessing GIRL!! Maybe I'll have another dream before mid-January... i'll just have to let you know!