Gender Prediction

Gender prediction for baby #2!!  Since we are finding out this time I will go ahead and post this so people can get their votes in before we find out!! :)

It is fun to compare this one to the one I did with Thomas!

Cravings:  I have craved more Italian food!! Pizza, spaghetti, etc. I am not sure what that is suppose to predict. Except that I have been able to stomach vegetables and on occasion have craved salads (This NEVER happened when I was pregnant with Thomas).  I would have been fine eating a burger and fries every meal with Thomas. haha.  Of course I didn't because I would have been as big as a house.  I have also read that with girls you don't eat as many calories.  I dont think I have eaten as much with this pregnancy as I did with Thomas so... I think this means GIRL!

Heart rate: This one is a little harder since I am so early. But I think it has been lower than what I was with Thomas.  At 12 weeks the hearbeat was mid 150's. I think this one means BOY!

Shape of Belly: Watermelon or Basketball? I am not sure?!? I have not gained weight anywhere else but the belly so that usually means boy. I think this ones means BOY

Hair on Legs: More hairy = boy and same or less = girl.  I would say mine has stayed about the same. I think this one means GIRL

"Prettiness":  So I have also heard that if you "glow" you are having a boy if you feel like your acne is worse and your hair is aweful and you just don't seem to feel as pretty or as put together as before you were pregnany then it is a girl. They say this is because the girl takes away from the mother's beauty. So for this one I think it means GIRL! My acne was worse my hair is completely out of control and overall trying to feel like i am put together and "feel pretty" has been more difficult since being pregnant. Hence why I have not taken many pictures throughout the pregnancy. =)

Morning Sickness: This one is hard as well.  I have had more than with Thomas but still not too bad.  So...this one could go either way... GIRL/BOY!

Chinese Gender Predictor: GIRL!

Mother intuition: I go back and forth all the time and I had a dream the other night it as a boy.  But my initial gut feeling is girl!! I was right with Thomas so this one will have to be GIRL!!

BOY = 3
GIRL = 6

Please take the poll and let me know what you think! I can't wait to find out in just a few weeks!!! :)


Lauren Goetze said…
I can't wait to find out either!! :)
LeeAnna said…
I don't know how to take the poll, but I think you're blog description will get to stay the same...I'm going with boy. :-)