New Year!!

Wow! I cannot believe it is already a new year! Happy 2013 everyone.  2012 flew by! I have officially been done working my full-time job for over 1 year. I have raised a child for 1 full year and I am expecting another. What a year 2012 was.  It was a good year but I feel like with a new born I didnt make any goals for myself last year.  I didnt know what to expect. So, even though I dont know exactly what 2013 will hold, I am making some goals for myself! I dont like to use the word "resolution" so they are "goals" for me! :-)

1. Read my Bible every day.  I have already planned myself a reading plan, I just need to hold to it.

2. Read a book a month (this will get hard when the new baby comes but I really want to try). I need to do more reading. Since I finished school this is something I have really slacked on.

3. Walk at least 5x a week! I want to stay fit with this pregnancy.  So far so good but I dont want it to get away from me!

These are just a few goals. I know this year has the possibility to get really busy so I want to go ahead and make these goals so I dont waste what free time I do have!  I want to use all my free time wisely. :-)

Happy New Year!!

ps. Thomas's 1 year post is coming soon! I promise!


Cindy Lou said…
Yay for a New Year and great goals! I would agree, 2012 flew by for us too! I feel like Lucy has grown unbelievably fast since Abigail was born!!!