15 Months Old

Because of my C.R.A.Z.Y. December I did not get a 12 Month update.  So now that he is 15 Months I will just update now!

Thomas have been growing and talking and making so many strides it blows my mind every day!

Baseball, Basketball, Football: 
As I have said already in another post, one of Thomas' first words was "ball" well he has shown how much he loves any kind of ball game.  He calls baseball and basketball, "ba-ball." He has quite a few "ba-balls" and I sometimes will listen to him ask for it ALL day long!! He will get it then lose it then look for it again. I love that he loves sports! Thomas has a Tee and baseball bat and baseballs.  One of his favorite things to do is to hit the baseballs off this Tee.

Words - His most popular words these days:
- Da-da
- Ma-ma
- GiGi
- Pat-Pat (My youngest brother)
- Opa (My dad - He only says this occasionally)
- Sister (We are still working on Chloe)
Other words: 
- ba-ball (Baseball and basketball)
- firetruck
- keys (This is an occasional word)
- Elmo
- Uh-oh
- Bye-Bye
- Baby

These are to just name a few.  He is learning so much everyday!!

12-18 Months - Soon he will be in solid 18M Clothes.

He is in size 3 right now but when we run out he will go up to size 4.

He started walking (taking more than 1-2 steps) on January 1.  Just 2.5months later he is practically running.

He is a social bug!! He waves at everyone and say Hi and Bye-Bye to everyone.  He is recognizing when we finish phone calls and before we say bye. He chimes in and says it. lol. It is so cute!! =)
He knows what he want even if he cannot communicate exactly what he wants.  He grunts and points.  It is a little frustrating for both of us but his vocabulary will grow.  It does everyday!

This child can eat non-stop. He eats pretty much anything we eat.  My parents like to spoil him with cookies and sweets but he doesn't get them much at our house so it is truly a treat for when he goes to GiGi and Opa's house. Vegetables are still hard for me to get him to eat. He will eat pretty much anything pureed but I just don't puree much for him anymore.  Sometimes I can get him to eat peas and corn. He will eat any kind of squash: Butternut Squash, Zucchini, Yellow (Summer) Squash. I don't really care for any kind of squash and neither does Derek so it is hard to understand why he loves them so much but he does, so I make it for him. He also Loves cheese, applesauce and pizza.  These three things are always a hit with him.  He loves the pouches of fruit and vegetables but they are so expensive.  They sell the pouches that you can fill yourself, I am thinking about doing that for him so that he gets more vegetables in him.  We shall see. =) He will most times eat an entire 6-count kids meal at Chick-fil-a.  It is crazy how much this child eats sometimes. And of course, Cheerios and Golfish are always a good snack!


Lauren Goetze said…
He is getting so very big!! Aunt Lucy loves Thomas very much!
"B" said…
Time sure does go by quickly! Thomas is adorable as ever! Our babe just turned 10 months and it is bittersweet. Cannot wait to find out if Baby #2 is a boy or girl! :)
Jen B said…
Wow! He's a great eater! A friend just told me about those fill it yourself pouches! We will def be using those for Haddie Grace- they sound great! Thomas is going to be a big brother soon!!!
Jen B said…
So wait...is baby #2 a girl? Chloe??? I missed that