March Already?!?!

Hello Blog World!!

I have had a much needed blog break.  It has not necessarily been on purpose but with all the changes around our house with a new baby coming I have not had time to blog nor have I had a computer to blog.  The hubs has needed it with him at work to study for classes.  So my blogging might be lagging for a while until he is done with school.  I will try to get to it as much as possible to keep everyone updated on our life.  I have quite a few blog posts that need to be added!! 1st Birthday, Christmas, Baby #2 Gender post, etc. That is just to name a few. I will try to play some catch up here and keep everyone up to date! =) For now, here are some pictures of my sweet boy...that is what everyone wants to see anyway!!

Silly Faces!! 

Go Wolfpack!! 

NC Snow! 


Lauren Goetze said…
I sure do love that boy!!!