38 Weeks

Wow!! What a long time since I have posted. Derek is now officially done with school.  I will do a graduation post soon!! Now that Derek is done I have more time with the computer!! yay!! =) Hopefully I will be able to keep everyone up to date with our sweet baby girl when she is born.  

I dont think I ever officially announced on here that we are having a baby girl but we found out in January and I have had to have a few other ultrasounds since then so confirm that she is a girl. lol. I asked every time we went in!! =) 

Her name will be Chloe Raine George! Thomas ended up being a c-section baby so we have a schedule c-section for Chloe on June 11!! 1 week from today!! =)

Maternity Clothes: Yes!! =) I have a few summer maxi dresses that still fit and are non maternity and I can still wear my gym shorts and Medium t-shirts (non maternity) 

Gender: Baby Girl!! Chloe Raine!!

Movement: Chloe has moved sooo much more than Thomas ever did! 

What I Miss: ENERGY! And no sickness.  I have been sick for 9 months with this one. Pay back for having such an awesome pregnancy with Thomas I guess. 

Sleep: Well, Chloe hasnt been keeping me from sleeping but we have moved Thomas to a toddler bed so I am constantly waking to make sure he hasnt fallen out. 

Cravings: More healthy foods this time around. Thomas is was meat and potatoes this time it is veggies and fruits mostly. 

What We Are Looking Forward To: Holding my baby girl in 1 week!

Weight Gain: 25lbs (This is about 1/2 of what I gained with Thomas).  I have been sooo sick this time that I just havent wanted to eat as much but I am still definitely at a healthy weight gain all my doctors have mentioned how well I have done with that this time. 

This is a 37 Weeks pregnant picture and compares to my 33 week pregnant picture! The difference in weight gain 4lbs!


Lauren Goetze said…
I'm SO ready for Chloe to be here!!! Aunt Lucy loves her so much already!!!
Linda said…
You are doing great Amanda and I can't wait to see pics of your little Chloe! Praying for you in this home stretch!
Jen B said…
So excited for you to meet sweet Chloe! We moved Phoebe to a toddler bed in January before Haddie Grace was born too... she's fallen out twice, but only twice :)