Update on Life

Man, oh man!! Life has just been going full blast and life with two kids is great but challenging and I feel like most days I have no time or an so exhausted that I sleep when they sleep. Sometimes I think I could work 24 hrs a day and still not get all of the house work and babies needs completed. Right now Derek is still working a full-time job along with his youth pastor job. =) We look forward to having more Daddy time.

here is the update by month:

May - 

May 17, 2013
Derek graduated!! He officially has his MDiv!! Yay!!

June - 

June 11, 2013
Our sweet Chloe Raine was born!! She is such a sweet baby and a great sleeper!! I have so much to catch up on with her!! Birth story, Month 1, and she is almost 2 months!!! Yikes!

The other thing that happened this month...my little brother got drafted by the Boston Red Sox!!! We are so incredibly proud of him as he starts his journey as a professional baseball player!!

July - 

Around the 4th of July we had a some family pictures taken from Jenna Markiewicz

August - 

We have started house hunting!!! It is a crazy time for us as we search for what could be our 1st house! It is a crazy market where we live right now and definitely a sellers market.  It is hard to find a house and not get outbid. Everyone is overpaying for houses and snatching them away!! Arg! Oh well, the Lord knows what is best for us and we will patiently wait for the right house!! =)