Chloe's First "Solid" Food

When Thomas was 4 months old he started showing all the signs of wanting to start solid foods. I didnt start him on any and then at 5 months he was waking during the night and was really trying to eat what we were eating and I was sure he was ready for solid foods. I called my pediatrician about it and told her everything but she said to wait! I could not wait for him to be 6 months old and I could give him solids. Chloe was totally opposite. She never seemed to care and I was contemplating not even starting solids until she was a little older than 6 months but the pediatrician said that she needs to go ahead and start learning how to use a spoon. It didnt take long for her to catch on and she is a great little eater!!

Here is a video of her first oatmeal mixed with breastmilk!! =)


Linda said…
Woah, that's a messy venture!