Home DIY Projects!!!

One of the first things I said about our house when we first came to look at it was that if it had a red door, it would sell so much quicker! Haha! I have a thing for red doors. I think they are so pretty and welcoming!

Needless to say, one of the first projects I have done since moving in is paint the door red!!  The color I went with was Valspar Heirloom Red. It was not a cherry red but not a cranberry red either.

Derek always shakes his head when I get a color or an idea in my head that I have not actually seen. I just know what I want in my head.  Sometimes it can take a LONG time to find what I am looking for. Lol. The story D always recalls when something like this happens is; in 2008 when we were engaged I wanted rectangular shaped sunglasses.  We looked for months and had hours and hours into looking before I actually found the exact sunglasses I wanted! I digress, but the point is, when I told Derek I knew the color I want in my head but I don’t know what it is called or where we can find it I got that head shake. The head shake that I get now after the sunglasses hunt! 

The first color I picked was the one we went with and I LOVE it!! My mom came over to help with the kids and to help me when they went down for a nap.

Here is some before, during and after!! =) 

Primer is on!
First coat of red is on. It was a little brighter than I had expected.
Another coat was just the trick! It was the perfect color!! 

Before and After Pictures:

This was taken the day we moved in. The door was black and matched the shutters! 

After with the red door!! I love the final product! 


Linda said…
I'm with you Amanda...love a red door and your house is perfect for it! Great color choice.