Introduction to my Bible Study Blog Series

Im going to try to start a blog post series! I keep trying to be consistent with blogging but I feel like it is same old same old and most of the friends that follow me on here also follow me on FB and IG so its really nothing new under the sun.

I always love Bible Studies and I have always wished I was well written enough to write my own studies but I'm really not a great writer but that doesn't matter in the blog world and on the world wide web. Anyone can write about anything. So here goes for writing a Bible Study blog series.

 Im starting with a Proverbs 31 study because I feel like that is a fitting place to start. A place the is common yet every time I reread it, it is also convicting. I plan to go through it exegetically. Verse by verse and talk about what the passage means to girls and women. Teenagers, single, married, moms, etc. This passage deals with each and every one of us. So, tune back in for my first post! =)

I am still not sure how often I will write, everyday, every week, every other week. I know I need to make it a challenge for myself or it will not happen. So, here goes, blog world. I have made a decision....Bible Study Blog Series, here we go!!!


Linda said…
Good for you Amanda! Looking forward to it!