I forgot to write my finishing post to P90X. We finished it right before Thanksgiving so I guess I just got busy with the holidays and forgot to post about finishing. It was one of the hardest but most rewarding things I have ever done! It is just over 90 days of workouts 6 days a week and each workout was about 1hr-1.5hrs. It took all of naptime, which probably actually helped me to lose weight because naptime is when I get into trouble. haha. Thats when I like to get snacks and veg on the couch watching my favorite TV show (this is when I would get in my chick flicks that Derek didn't want to watch with me!!! ;-) ) So anyway, when I replaced that with working out it helped my calorie intake a lot! I lost 13lbs and 5" total! It was pretty impressed with the loss that I experienced. It got me back to below highschool size and weight. I didn't realize that until I found some old pants at my parents house that were from high school and i realized they were too big! I have decided to start Insanity (another Beachbody workout). It is a little harder to be motivated with this workout since I have gotten to a comfortable weight. I think I will be motivated for the hubs!! He still has a little more weight he wants to lose. He has done sooo well! I have been so proud of him and how well he has done losing weight.

So...Here is a finished picture that Hubby and I took when we finished P90X!!! =)


Linda said…
That takes real dedication Amanda, but it sure paid off...you look wonderful and it appears you feel wonderful too! Congratulations on your hard work...Derek too!