NC State Fair 2011

Derek and I LOVE the NC State Fair! We don't ride the rides we just go, eat (and we eat a LOT), we look at the animal exhibits and watch other people risk their lives on the crazy fair rides. =) The last 2 years we have gone by ourselves and then met up with people after we got there.  This year we met up for a few minutes with my extended family that lives in VA.  I have not seen them since we had found out that I was pregnant so of course they were very excited to see me and my 30 week belly. We chatted with them for a while and then continued on our date together just the two of us!!

This year, Derek and I mastered the idea of sharing everything we eat because then we can eat a bigger variety of things. So, the first place we stopped was Al's French Fries stand.  They were as good as ever!!

After visiting with my family, I was hungry again! Imagine that a pregnant lady hungry?!? So we went off to get a bloomin onion. This was the 1st year we got a bloomin onion and can I just say, this WILL become an NC State Fair tradition for the Georges.  It was amazing.  At the stand we went to they cut the onion, battered it and fried it right there while you were waiting for it!! It was better than any one you could get at a restaurant. After getting the onion I found a seat. 

Once we finished eating the onion we walked around a bit more deciding on what we wanted next when some other friends called and said they were just walking in.  We met up with them and we got some "dinner".  Derek and I got Butcher Boys steak sandwich.  Again this was a tremendously good sandwich.  I forgot to take a picture.

We also went by the to see one of our youth's rabbits that won a Best in Show prize for the 2nd year in a row!! Way to Bugs and Monica!! We are proud of you!!

What a fun year at the NC State Fair!! =) To see our past years at the fair check out 2009 and 2010!! 

We mentioned that last year at this time we had no intention of me being almost 30 weeks pregnant but guess what?!? haha! We are definitely very excited about this little one.  We said to each other, who would have thought last year that I would be this pregnant this year! Wonder what we will be saying next year when the fair comes around?!? Hopefully, Derek will be almost graduating with his MDiv.  That is our goal!! Woohoo! Plus, next year we will have a 10month old! Wow! We are so blessed!


Tara said…
Looks like you all had a great time!!!
Lauren Faison said…
What a fun time at the fair!
Linda said…
We were too full for the bloomin onion this year and I missed it! But, totally agree about Al's fries and Butcher Boys. Looks like you had a great time. What a fun tradition!