Sunday, January 25, 2009

Jen Grady Maternity Photoshoot!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Wising Up Lesson!!

I am learning a lot at the Bible study...Wising up!! This week the focus is on the heart. This is a huge part of a person as a Christian. A lot of Christians can say things and do things in the "right" way but not really mean it from their heart. What is in the heart will eventually come out. In the Proverbs it says that a person's heart is a "wellspring." Tara Dew gave us a great explanation of our hearts being a wellspring. In a well you draw out water. What is in your "well" or heart (them being the same thing) will eventually come out. With your heart not only being a well but it being a "spring" as well would mean that your heart overflows like a spring. What is in your heart will eventually come out wether like a well or a spring or both!! This was very convicting to me. It is ultimately my heart that shows who I truely am in Christ. It reminded me of the song "Change my heart, Oh God." A few of the lyrics go like this, " Change my heart, Oh God. Make it ever true. Change my heart of God, May I be like you." This is only a little bit of the song but this is the song that came to mind when I read these last few days of lessons. Make sure your heart is filled with the right things. Do not let it be filled with evil, and deceit but let it be filled with the Holy Spirit and the things of Christ. This is the way we are called to live, With clean hands and a pure heart. There are so many wonderful Scriptures and Biblical songs that refer to having a clean and pure heart. This is very important as a Christian, a follower of Christ.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow in North Carolina!!!

It does not happen often but occasionally we get a little snow! This year it was close to 5"!!! It was a lot of fun!!! Here are a few pictures!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Pictures of the Alero!

Car Accident

So...many of you already know that Derek and I were in a car accident last night (Friday night). We decided to go out for a date night together and were leaving dinner and headed to a movie when at a stop sign the guy behind us rammed into the back of us. We think that when Derek rolled forward a little to see if he could go the white car behind us thought Derek went and was going to punch the gas to follow in behind us!! So...he punched the gas and ran into the back of us. Derek's back bumper is in the ditch of capital boulevard. We are ok and the guy behind us is ok thankfully. Derek's car can run but is not really drivalbe on the road. We cannot open his trunck and he does not have a bumper. Soooo...I will post pictures of the damage soon!! I have not had time to take any yet. I have cleaned up my computer a little so that I can put a few pictures on there!! :D Praise the Lord he took care of us last night!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Wising Up!!

I (Amanda) joined a Bible study that is led by a lady named Tara Dew. I work with her mom and I had her husband for a class in the college. We had our first Bible study meeting yesterday (Monday). I learned so much even in just one day. It was wonderful. The Bible study will be going through the book of Proverbs. It is a Beth Moore study but Tara wrote the workbook to go along with the DVD we watch on Monday nights. I am so excited to see what God is going to teach me this semester through this Bible study. I have already learned so much. God has really shown me how big He is and how small I am. I have so much to learn from this might God that I serve. I am thinking that this Bible study is going to be a great place to learn more and more from and about the might God that I serve. I will probably update every once in a while about the Bible study and how it is going. :)

So...I have not updated the blog recently because I normally update with pictures and computer literally has 1GB of memory left so it is running kind of slow. I cannot load up anymore pictures or I will not be able to run my computer. I am hoping that after my birthday I will be able to get a new computer. I will update with pictures of the New Year and fun stuff like that later when I have more room on my computer or hopefully... a new one!!

~Ta-ta for now!!~