Sunday, April 22, 2012

4 Months Old (April 17, 2012)

I cant believe my boy is already 4 months old!! Wow!!

At the doctor last week these were his stats:

17.7lbs (92%)
25.5" (75%)

My goodness we have a big boy!!

April 17, 2012 - 4 months old
He is starting to sit for short periods of time with the boppy behind him to catch him if he falls.  He is smiling and he laughed for the first time too! He is such a sweet boy.  His little personality is really starting to show and it is so sweet! He is going through a phase where he doesn't like his car seat or riding in the car.  I hope this ends soon.  He cries almost every time we go anywhere.

Here is some audio of him laughing! :) is a contagious laugh!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bath Time!

I realized I never posted about Thomas' first "real" bath! We got some sweet pictures and I realized I wanted it on here so I can have it forever posted on the internet!! =) Thomas had his first soaking bath the day after his umbilical cord fell off. (I was so happy when that fell was such a pain).  Thomas' Grammy was in town for this one and she took some pictures for us. Thomas always loves baths!! Yay for bath time!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sweet Easter Gift!

A few days ago we received a card in the mail for Thomas.  It was from his Great, Great Aunt that lives in California!! We opened the card and this is what we found!

The Letter reads:

"Dear Derek and Amanda, 
Please put this $2.00 bill in Thomas Hunter's baby book.  I have carried it in my wallet now for over 50 years.  Your Great Uncle Linn and I were married in 1956 and we bought our first business in the 1958 (54 years ago). We lived in Ukiah, California and we called it Mendocino Beverage Distributors which covered the entire county of Mendocino.  This $2.00 bill is real and it was the first one he received when making deliveries.  Since I did the business books I stuck it in my wallet and have carried it ever since.  It is now time it found a new home and who better than my first Great, Great Nephew on my side of the family.  Easter 2012.  Thomas's 1st Easter. 
Aunt Dot"

Thank you so much Great, Great Aunt Dot! This is so special and we will all treasure it forever and hopefully Thomas will have it for 50 years or more before he passes it on to a special person! What a sweet Easter gift!!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Beach Time!! :-)

Thomas went on his first beach trip this week, April 3, 2012. It has been unseasonably warm for us recently so when Derek had spring break from classes we decided to take a day trip to the beach. It was so much fun. Derek and I love the beach and hadn't been since August of last year so we were excited to go again and this time with our baby boy! I bought Thomas some sun glasses and a hat at Target and he already had a swim suit. He was so cute all decked out for the beach. We only had a few mishaps which come with traveling with a 3 month old. The first was we stopped at a Walmart about 20min away from the beach to get Thomas some sunscreen. I decided to get him out to give him a break from his seat. When I picked him up I felt something sticky on my hand...oh yes! He had a blowout in his carseat. So there I am in the Walmart Parking lot sending Derek in for sunscreen and I changed a nasty 5 wipe (maybe more) dirty diaper. Thomas is not particularly fond of his carseat but he did great on the way there. On the way home he woke up about an hr into the drive and had a major meltdown. So we had to stop in a Bojangles parking lot so I could feed him and calm him down. Nothing else was working!! So thankfully that is all it took and he was better and rode quietly the rest of the way home. Even with a few little mishaps. I am so glad we went. Definitely worth it. I just don't think we will do another day trip anymore. We need to at least stay 1 night. :-) enjoy the pretty pictures!!

Thomas is thinking that he is not so sure about all the sun and sand.  

Family photo on the beach! The sun was too bright for T. =)

Nap time after this new experience!