Thursday, July 28, 2011

17/18 Week Survey

I am posting this one a little early since I am combining,

How Far Along:
18 Weeks (almost - Saturday will be 18)

Baby's become amazingly mobile (compared to you, at least), passing the hours yawning, hiccupping, rolling, twisting, kicking, punching, sucking, and swallowing. And baby is finally big enough that you'll soon be able to feel her movements.
*Information from

Size of Baby: 5.6 inches/6.7oz

*Photo is from

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Not sure...I forgot to weigh the past couple of weeks.

Maternity Clothes: yes! :)

Gender: We don't know yet. We will not find out until the baby is born.

Movement: Nothing more yet! I cannot WAIT to start feeling the munchin move around. :)

What I Miss:
Not really anything...

Sleep: Sleep is good...I need more than I get but I sometimes wake up it depends on the week or the day as to wether I get up at night.

Cravings: Healthier meals now not just meat and potatoes. Craving more vegetables and healthy snacks.

Best moment this week: It was not this week but week 16 (one of the two I have missed) and I got to hear the heartbeat again. If the old wives tale holds true we might be having a girl. The first time we heard the heartbeat it was 153 and the second time was 165. I think the wives tale is over 139bpm and it is a girl under 139bpm it is a boy. We shall see. Anyone know if this held true with their kids???

What We Are Looking Forward To: Life slowing down a little when the summer is over and school starts back. Derek will be busy with school and work but summer has been insane!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

World Changers

We have been at World Changers in Chicago for the past week. Which is why I have not posted at all. We got in last night and brought our stuff into the house and left it all in the living went straight to bed we were both soo tired. There are quite a few posts that I need to do including 16 week survey, one last back post about before we told everyone we were pregnant, Some belly shots and at least 1 post from World Changers. Have a wonderful day everyone! =)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

15 Week Survey

How Far Along: 15 Weeks

*Continuing the march toward normal proportions, baby's legs now out-measure his arms. And, finally, all four limbs have functional joints. Your fetus is squirming and wiggling like crazy down in the womb, though you probably can't feel the movements just yet.- Information from

Size of Baby: 4.0inches 2.5oz. *Naval Orange

*Photo is from

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 0lbs this week (Still up 7lbs)

Maternity Clothes: yes! :)

Gender: We don't know yet. We will not find out until the baby is born.

Movement: Have not felt it again. I think I felt the baby once but now that I have not felt it again I am not so sure...we will see.

What I Miss:
Not really anything...

Sleep: I have been waking up every night this week at 2am to use the bathroom. Other than that been sleeping great!

Cravings: Meat mostly.

Best Moment This Week: Nothing spectacular happened this week. Just a normal week for us. :)

What We Are Looking Forward To: World Changers mission trip this coming week with our awesome youth! I am so excited about this trip. It is going to be awesome! I am so happy I can still go even with baby tagging along! =)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Telling the Parents…

Going Back to April 22, 2011....


Amanda text her Mom the night they found out (Thursday). Well, Friday, was Good Friday so Amanda was off work. This was also really good because we are not sure how much work would have gotten done on that Friday if Amanda did have to work. ☺ Anyway…Amanda text her Mom about meeting for lunch that Friday since we were both off. They texted back and forth and it was not until the day of that we realized everyone was going to be there. And by everyone, we mean like Kenny, Debra, Jacob, Patrick and Kenneth. The whole family!! We were not planning on telling my brothers but because they were coming and we wanted to tell my parents so bad, we decided to tell the news to everyone. (Kenneth ended up not coming so he was a little late on the news…but he found out eventually). We bought bibs at Target that said “I love Grandma” and “I love Grandpa” we put them in an amazon box so they were not wondering why we were giving them a wrapped present for no apparent reason. We are sneaky ones aren’t we? My Dad is typing on his Blackberry and Amanda said, “Hey Mom and Dad, we have you guys a little gift that we found for you.” Dad kept typing and Mom took the box. As soon as she opened it she started saying, “I knew it! I knew it! I knew it…” over and over and over…haha! Dad just started looking around wondering what was going on…Amanda said, “Mom show Dad the gift…” Dad’s jaw dropped. He was so shocked he didn’t know what to say. Dad did speak he said, “well I DIDN’T know it!” ha. Silly Dad, he was just in shock for the rest of the lunch. The two other things Dad said at lunch was, “That baby better come before December 31, so you get your tax deduction and it will be 2015 when I will coach T-Ball again.” Haha! None of the other family knew at this point other than my brothers who were totally excited as well. Jacob just looked up and said, “Really?!?!...Are you serious?!?!” He was excited too. I missed Pat’s reaction because I was watching Mom and Dad. Jacob came in later so we gave him the box too. =) What a fun day it was telling my parents and family about our little Baby George that will make an appearance before we know it!

We tried and tried to get Derek’s parents on Skype at the same time. We REALLY wanted to see their reactions when they found out. Since they still have active children that aren’t all driving yet it is hard to pin them both down at the same time. So Derek called his Mom on Tuesday, April 26. He came home talking with her, he told her to hold on a minute pulled the phone down looked at me and said, they cant skype until Sunday, should we tell her now?!? Amanda gave in and said yes! We just couldn’t wait any longer to tell them. So Derek got back on the phone (put his mom on speaker) and said, we have something to tell you…her first response, please don’t tell me bad news, I really can’t take that right now. Derek said well, we hope this is not bad news…You are going to be a Grandma!!!! She repeated, “I am going to be a GRANDMA!?!?” haha! Yes, yes you are! It was so much fun! It was hard for Carrie to not tell anyone but we told her she had to keep it a secret from the rest of the family (other than Brian) at least until we went in for an Ultrasound (May 24). ☺ This would be almost 1 month for her to keep a secret! ☺ Once we got off the phone with Carrie, we called Brian, Derek’s Step Dad. Derek said, I am going to put you on speaker, we have something to tell you. Before Derek could even put him on speaker he said, “You are going to be saying ‘DaDa’ soon aren’t you…” HOW DID HE KNOW!!!!! Oh goodness…Brian and Amanda’s Mom…they knew it! Lol! What a fun time it was telling the parents. Too bad we had to tell Derek’s parents over the phone, that is definitely a bummer with living so far away! I know it will be hard for Carrie and Brian to be so far away from their grandchild but maybe they will come down south now since they have really good reason! We love them and love their visits!! =)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Derek's Birthday Celebration!

Derek turns 26 TODAY. :-) Since we are so busy this week we had to celebrate it early! Derek's favorite pizza place is Stromboli's so that is where he wanted to go. It was sooo good! Here are some picture from our time.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEREK!! You are such and awesome husband and I know you will be the same kind of father to our little one. I love you!! =)

We made sure to mention that next year this time we would have a 6month old coming with us! How exciting and crazy is that!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

14 Week Survey

How Far Along: 14 Weeks

*Your adorable little fetus is busy with thumb sucking, toe wiggling, (not so cute but equally amazing) making urine, and breathing amniotic fluid as the liver, kidneys, and spleen continue to develop. Lanugo (thin, downy hair) is growing all over her body for warmth. - Information from

Size of Baby: Lemon (3.4in. 1.5oz)

*Photo is from

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 7lbs total so far. (I think this is because I was not sick at all so I ate what I was craving. Sometimes seriously my cravings were so bad NOTHING else could satisfy!)

Maternity Clothes: yes! I have been in them for a few weeks now. There are a few pieces of my everyday clothing that I can still wear but not a lot.

Gender: We don't know yet. We will not find out until the baby is born. Eeek! I think this will be fun but hard to wait!!

Movement: Believe it or not but I think I felt the baby move earlier this week when I woke up. I felt a flutter in my tummy like a muscle spasm almost. It was really wierd and I felt it twice. I have not felt it again though. So we will see!

What I Miss:
Being able to lift things over 20-25lbs. I didn't realize how often I did this until I got pregnant. I also didn't realize it would be a big deal to me but sometimes I just feel so helpless not being able to lift things.

Sleep: Most every night I sleep through the night and then have to pee REALLY bad when I wake up in the morning. It take a LOT to wake me up from a good sleep. haha!

Cravings: Meat and potatoes-this could be baked potatoes, french fries, potatoe chips etc. (Derek loves this)

*At one point I told Derek I had to have potatoe chips, we went to the store and I bought Pringles and Lays Salt and Vinegar I got home and laid down and ate chips and it was SO good! :)

Best Moment This Week: If it was my baby moving, that was by far the best. I guess I will know whenever I feel it again.

What We Are Looking Forward To: I think I at least am most looking forward to when our baby can hear us. That is so cool and we can talk to Baby and he or she can hear us! And feeling the baby move regularly! I have wanted that to happen, well, about since I got pregnant. :)

Friday, July 1, 2011


So, I am have been very blessed by my neighbor who has loaned me maternity clothes. I knew Derek and I could not buy very much anyway but it was such a blessing for her to give me so much. She is due with her 2nd child in just a few weeks. So she brought trash bags full of clothes that she can no longer wear. And, she said she will have more for me after the baby comes! What a blessing!!!! I have bought 1 pair of dress pants (she did not have to have any) and a few winter dresses since that I what I am going to need most in a few months. :) I am so excited to have maternity clothes and not have to buy them!! Such sweet friends and sweet blessings!! I hope I can be a blessing to someone like she has been to me!