Monday, November 29, 2010

A Family Tradition...

It is a Goetze family tradition to take keep last years Christmas tree, spray it with artificial snow, and then add some red ribbons and place it on the front porch. I had to hop on that tradition this year since I have a front porch. :) This is such an inexpensive Christmas decoration and you get to reuse your old tree. I think it makes the money you spend even more worth it when you get to use it again. Here are some before, during, and after pictures from mine this year. :)
The Before. I know our neighbors were wondering why I had a dead tree on my front porch. haha. :)

The Finished Product! :)
**A few people have asked me where I keep my tree all year. I actually keep it in the woods behind my parents house. Maybe one day I will have a good backyard to leave it in!**

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Our week in pictures...

Beautiful fires...

Pretty skies...

Fall Decorations...

Wet dogs...

Relaxation... (We were actually watching Mickey Mouse Club House, but what can you do when you are watching TV with a 5 year old. man is a champ).

The Cabin...

Beautiful Sunsets...
Family Portraits...

Celebrating Championships with my brother...

It was a great relaxing week and now I ready to get back to work and back into a routine! =)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fun Month...

November to me is a start of the Holidays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and Birthday! All those holidays means lots of family time. I am so excited to work at a place that gives so much time off for these holidays. =)

We have a lot going on in November:

1. My work has a golf tournament on November 8th. This is a big deal for our office and it is a day that I look forward to, it is definitely a fun day out of the office and the normal day to day.
2. I am helping host a Baby Shower for Hannah Sharick. I am very excited about this. I have never hosted one before and I have a lot of sweet ladies to help me with it. :)
3. Derek and I are going to VA for a Student Development Trip. I have a friend that lives in the same area so, we are going to stay with them. What a fun time.
4. Thanksgiving Break - We are going to my parents family farm in VA for a whole week. I am so excited to get to spend this much time up there. It has been years...maybe even before college that I was able to spend that much time there. :)

I think we will also a few youth events throughout November as well. What a fun month! I cant wait!! =)

Happy November Everyone!!!

Monday, November 1, 2010


It seriously feels like it was just yesterday that I was writing my October goals! Where in the world has October gone! I was just telling Derek the other night that when I was in middle and high school I wished that time would fly by and it seemed sooo slow and now that I am married and working in the "real world" I wish that time would slow down and it doesnt. Oh well, I guess sometimes the grass is always greener on the other side right?!?

well, accomplishments for October. I must admit, not many of them got accomplished. I was just so darn busy...and sick. :(

-Sit on my couch and read with the windows open and a pumpkin candle burning
-Read a book that is thought provoking-(Started but didnt Finish)
-Pray about what I want to pursue for my Masters Degreee (Make a decision and stick
to it-I tend to change my mind every week).

-Think about what I need for Christmas decorations
-Start Christmas shopping

All the items in Red, I have done, all the ones on black, I still need to work on!

A few of my new goals will include:
- making it a point to wake earlier in the mornings
- Christmas decorations.(On it already. Derek and I have been to the store and n new light strands. :) yay!)
- only 3 more Christmas presents to buy. Maybe I should put that on my list for this month and have it done with. :)
- pray for my husband on a daily basis. :)

Wow...bring on November!