Monday, June 29, 2009

We're Moved! :)

Derek and I moved into Fletcher Village on Saturday!! My Best friend came over and helped us move and Mike and Madesta Parry (our best couple friends)what would we do without wonderful friends!! :D It took only a few hours we so impressed!! What would anything be without a competition?? The guys had one truck and the girls had another and we would see who could unload first and get the boxes where they were suppose to go. The girls won most of the trips!! haha! :) We thought that it would at least take 2 days of hard work. I will post pictures as soon as we get it all set up. We are lovin our new place!! :)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Good News!! :)

Friends and Family,

We got good news at the doctor today. The dermatologist said that the spot on my leg was not Mycosis Fungoides. He said that it was a pigment discoloration. So apparently my skin just did a funny thing on my right leg. Wierd but I will take that over cancer! :) We are very excited and we are very thankful for all the prayers! :) Thank you all!! :) I do go back to the dermatologist in 3 months so I will update again when I go back but he pretty much told me it was nothing and not to be concerned.

PRAISE THE LORD for such good news!!

Thanks again we are very thankful for all fo you!!
Derek and Amanda

Friday, June 5, 2009

Update (sorry, it is long...)

So there may be a few of you that read our blog that may not be updated on everything that is going on. So here is the low-down!

I (Amanda) had a spot on my leg that appeared out of nowhere. In less than a week that spot went from being the size if a mosquito bite to the size of a silver dollar. At this point I was pretty concerned. I talked Derek and my Mom and they both told me to go to the doctor about it. :) So, I, a little reluctantly, set up an appointment to go to the doctor. I had decided that I would like for Derek to go with me to the doctor appointment. But it was during exam week for him so that afternoon right before the appointment I told him, dont worry about going I am sure the spot is nothing and I will get a perscription and that will be the end of it. was NOT just that. The doctor looked at it and asked if I had had any ticks on me. He thought that it could be Lymes (sp?) Disease. Alas, I had no ticks on me nor had a romped through the woods to pick one up. :) He said he would have to do a "punch biopsy" in order to figure out exactly what it is. I had no idea what that was but it sounded scary!! :-/ I was regretting I told Derek to stay home at this point. I tried texting Derek to let him know what was going on. In the mean time my heart was beating so fast and I was getting really nervous. The nurse took me back to an area where they will do this "punch biopsy." The doctor had to numb the spot and take a "cork screw" type object and pull a piece skin from "the spot" to be tested. (Through this process I was feeling very sick to my stomach and thought I would pass out but....alas,I didnt). I waited (probably not so patiently) for the results. I was in Alaska when the doctor left a message on my cell phone to call him he wanted to go over the results. When I called him back I mentioned that I was in Alaska visting family and he said that when I got home he wanted to meet with me and Derek to go over the results in person. He also that he wanted me to go to Duke Medical in order to have more testing done as the results were not entirely conclusive.

Home from Alaska I went in for the appointment. The doctor told me that he thought I have what is called Mycosis Fungoides. It is a lymphoma, a slow growing cancer. IF, this is what I have it can be cured very easily, steriod cream, medication through pills, and worst case, radiation. Next week, June 11, I will go to Duke and see a dermatologist to see if this is indeed what I have. Although the name of this and what it says it is, is a little concerning. I am not worried. I have a great God who is bigger that I am. He is in control. There is no need to worry or fear when we have a God like our God.

I would covet your prayers through this, I know God has a plan but I would really appreciate prayer for the doctors that they would have eyes to see exactly what this is. Also, many of you know that Derek and I really have a heart to work overseas. I know the IMB is very praticular about medical history. Please also pray that this will not affect our plan to do missions work in the near future!

Thank you all for your prayers!!
Amanda and Derek :)