Thursday, December 25, 2008

Our First Christmas!! :)

Derek and I had our 1st Christmas today!! :) It was such a blast getting out of bed in our PJ's and opening the gifts that we had for one another. So...the pictures at the beginning are not so becoming because we literally did not get ready at all. We got out of bed and started taking pictures. Those are the best later down the road though!! They are a real laugh though! :-)

We also had some special decorations! :)

Jacob and Patrick came over to our apartment and set up this Reindeer on Christmas Eve. Derek's mom and Grandma mailed it to my parents house so that we could surprise Derek. This reindeer is very special to his family and is now very special to OUR family!! :)

Christmas with the Goetzes!! :)

Mom got an Elmo from Dad that says "I love you" and blows kisses. It is was really cute.

Christmas with the Goetze/ Broughton!! :)

Jacob and Tyler were very tired!! :)

Our gifts!!

This is a hat that B bought for Derek. My dad has one similar at the Farm and Derek really liked it last time we were there. I think he looks mighty handsome myself! :) I might be a little bias though!!

We could not have asked for a better 1st Christmas!!

We really missed the Groseclose/Keenes!! We love you all and miss you lots!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Graduation, Pomp and Circumstnace, Freezing Cold...

Today marks my last day of college for the rest of my life!! It was a great feeling and a sad one!! :) I had an emotional couple of hours that started when the professors were walking by going into the chapel. We (all the graduates) clapped for them as they walked by. I thought about all the peope I met all the professors that help me through these years and now we are thanking them for this day where we walk across the stage and get out diploma. That is what started the teary eyes. I sat with classmates that I have known for years knowing that this was the last of our college career. What a day it was!! I love all my friends and I love the professor but I will NOT miss the stressful times of studying!! YEAH!! It is over!! :) Thank you for everyone who has helped me through! Derek got one thing that I did not at my graduation...He got to stand and be recognized as a spouse of a graduate. It was so COOL!! :) haha!! I love it!! All my family was so sweet and I have enough graduation money to get the camera that I want. I am super excited!

Here are a few pictures that Derek took while I was graduating!! :)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

The First George Family Christmas Tree.

We officially have the first George family Christmas Tree!!!!! :D

So apparently this is how the George's pick out a Chrsitmas tree.

1. We go to Lowes b/c we are poor and we get a discount when we go there! :)
2. The first tree we look at was a 7-8 foot tree.
3. Amanda tells Derek, lets go look at the 6-7ft. trees because they are cheaper.
4. As we are looking at the 6-7 foot trees someone comes to the 1st tree we looked at the picks it up. Derek wispers to Amanda, "They have OUR tree!!!"
5.The people set the tree back down and...
6. Derek, says..."ok, I was jealous when the other people picked up the tree...I think that means that that one is the first George Family Christmas tree!" :)

So...that is the George way to pick out a Christmas tree!! haha!! :)

Here are some pictures. They are out of order because my computer is wierd but you will get the main idea!! :)

We went to Bojangles before we got our tree. We may make that a tradition!! :D YUM!! :D

What a fun day this was!!! :)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Haven't Posted in a while...

So...I understand I have not posted in a while. I have some great pictures that I am dying to post but they are on my Mom's camera. I forgot to get the pictures from her while I was at home this past weekend. They will be posted as soon as I get them.

I am very excited...I graduate in 10 days!!! I have 3days of classes and 4 days of exams a weekend in between (when we will get aour first Christmas tree) and I am done!!

Those picrtures will be posted too!! A lot to look forward to!! :)

I should get back to writing my paper now...enough procrastinating...!! :)