Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hershey Bar Cake

I decided to make the Hershey Bar Cake, that I made for Derek few months ago, for Standing in the Gap for E. Baker Event. So here is the recipe. :)

1 Chocolate Cake Mix
1 small box of instant vanilla pudding
1 1/2 c. of milk
3/4 c. of oil
3 eggs

Mix together and put into three 9" round pans. Bake at 325 degrees for 20 mins.

8oz. Cream Cheese
1 c. sugar
1 c. powdered sugar
12oz whip cream
2-3 Hershey Bars (finely chopped or grated with a cheese grater).

Mix together and ice the layers.

Very yummy!!! =)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Long hair and ponytails

My hair is FINALLY long enough for a ponytail. I have LOVED my hair short but I knew going to Alaska in the summer time were going to be spending a lot of time at the river and I do not want to have to worry with my hair. I have been letting it grow out for a few months and it is now ponytail length. YAY!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Favorite Lunch EVER!

I am a salad girl! Even in elementary school Mom would pack my lunch and I would tell her to please pack me a salad I would NOT eat sandwiches. I HATED Subway and sandwiches. Now, I am pretty fond of them but salads are still the BEST on my list! With all that said, Here is a little recipe (recipe meaning a little of this and a little of that- I dont have exact measurements for anything) for my favorite one of all time!

~Romaine Heart chopped (Super easy to chop up-this is why I spend more for them)
~Dried cranberries (I like buying them in the individual 100 calorie packs because I only use half a pack and they stay fresher longer)
~Walnuts - Just crush a few and sprinkle them on top (basically until it looks pretty)
~Feta Cheese - just a little sprinkle to add a little something to the salad.
~Rasperry Walnut Vinagrette Dressing (I think it is Ken's Brand)

Amazing salad and it is under about 300-400 calories and it keeps me full until dinner! :)

I am sure I am not the first the think of this salad but it is seriously SUPER good! I wish I had a picture but, I am sorry, I do not! =)


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

This Week

This week I am staying with Tara Dew and helping her with the twins while Derek and Jamie are at camp! So far we have gone to the 4th of July Childrens Parade, The Nats made 4th of July cupcakes and we have had lots of good food with the Reid's and the Bakers! We had the College Girls Bible Study at Tara's house this week and tonight Lauren Faison will stay over for dinner and a movie tonight!! Woohoo!! So much fun!! =) Can't wait for the rest of the week, hanging out with such a sweet family!

Here is a picture with me and The Sam's with their 4th of July outfits on! The Nat's were swimming in the little pool on the porch! =)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

July Goals - June Accomplishments...

It amazes me at how time flies!!! Wow!! It is already July. In exactly 15 days I leave for vacation with my Hubs!! Woohoo!! We will be gone for 11 days, visiting with family. And I am so excited I can hardly stand it! On to my June Goals and what I accomplished and what I didn't... :)

June Goals:
1. Lose 8lbs. - I did not lose 8 but I did lose 3.5lbs. I am ok with that it is close to 1lb a week. I knew it would be extremely difficult to lose 2lbs a week...and that includes Amber coming in to town and eating some AMAZING Italian food. I just knew I was going to blow my weight loss that week. =)
2. Cook dinner every night except 1 when we go out on a date. -I think we did this. I can only thing of one week that went out to dinner twice (Lock-In Week-I justified that).
3. Do the dished every night before bed. - There were a few nights I missed this escpecialy during VBS. We cooked dinner in the house every night that week and got home late and this equalled lots of dishes and a very tired Derek and Amanda (I let this one slide - there can be exceptions, right??)
4. Take 1 night each week to clean the house - By the way...I learned this was NOT enough!!! There is way too much to do to only clean the house 1 night a week. I think I was probably already doing this!! =)
5. Take care of budgets and receipts once a week - try once every 2 weeks... :-/ Ooops...this should really be done once a week. I will make this another goal next month!
6. Go on a date with my husband every week! - We managed this...even VBS week we went out once!
7. Get up every morning for a few minutes in prayer and Bible Study - I was not so good at this. Sleep is very hard for me to give up! I have to have a really good reason to get up earlier then I absolutely have to and reading my Bible is a very good reason but I still struggle with this. (More on this for next month).
8. Read a book from beginning to end - DONE! It was SOOO good! I read The Princess by Lori Wick. Amazing book! I would suggest it to anyone! I did not start reading it until like June 14 or so, I thought there is no way I am going to get through a 300page book in about 2 weeks. (For those that dont know...I am a very SLOW reader) I had the book done a few days ago! =)

July Goals - (These will be a little different because I will be spending 1 week with Tara Dew our Pastors wife because Jamie and Derek will be on a mission trip with our Youth! It will also be a little different because Derek and I will be on vacation for about 11 days.)

1. Do my Bible Study every day (not double up).

2. Maintain my weight (if I lose great). - Also, since I have been trying to lose weight there has hardly been a day when I have not weighed myself. I think it will be good for me to take a month and not even step on a scale! I hardly ever weighed myself in high school or college. This weight loss thing is totally new to me.

3. Do Dishes every night and clean one area of my house each night that we are in town (except Saturday-I am resting with my husband). I think I am going to make a spreadsheet and give myself a task for each day. This will make me more productive with my time! (I will post about it later). - I will give myself the occasional exception - ex. a late baseball game or a late movie on night or something.

4. Read another book cover to cover. (this should not be hard seeing we have HOURS on planes this month).

5. Continue to date my husband on a weekly basis.

6. Keep up with budget once a week (except when I am in AK on Vacation...that would be difficult).

Okay, these are my July goals! I should be able to meet them, I will let you know at the beginning of August!! =)