Saturday, March 27, 2010

Date Night!!!

Derek and I went on a date night for the first time in a while with his new department at Lowes his schedule was even a little different and we founds ourselves a little more busy.  But, We went to see Alice in Wonderland.  I have not seen the animated one, so I really liked it.  We had to go to North Hills to see the one not in 3D.  Movies are so expensive and even more when you see them in 3D.  Great movie and I highly recommend this as a family movie!!! :D

Monday, March 22, 2010

Biopsy Update

The dermatologist at Duke called me just a few days ago.  She said that one of the biopsies were to test the "T" cells (that is what it sounded like she said anyway).  She said those cells were all in order and that was the most important thing.  The other biopsy was to test to see what that spots might be.  She said once again that they were not conclusive results.  It is such a pain to go to the doctor and then hear back that they dont know what it wrong with me!! Aaaahhh!!! Frustrating!!! I am sooo tired of hearing they dont know what is wrong. 

I had to go to the doctor not too long ago about a totally different matter and it was so nice to hear that they knew what was wrong with me.  As wierd as it may sound, it was so great to hear those words from the doctors mouth.  ha!! the rabbit trail.  The dermatologist did say that she would continue to look into it before she tells me what to do to treat it.  That was encouraging.  So far there is not treatment.  No treatment right not kid of stinks because the spots leave a dark area on my skin and it is not very becoming.  I am hoping that they can figure out what is going on and I can get something to treat this mess!! =D

Also, we are praising the Lord that Derek's blood test results came back clear. and that he has not had anymore "episodes" or anything faintly unusual.  So many doctor appointment for us both and so many tests!! What is going on with our family!!! We are so thankful for friends and family that are faithful to pray for us!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Biopsy and Stitches

Just for a WARNING!!! I have posted a picture of my stitches. :) For those that are not faint of heart and want to continue to the end of the post.  Feel free.  I still have these spots coming up on my legs.  I went to Duke University and they decided to take another biopsy.  This time a Bigger one!!! They had to take two biopsies and put in two stitches.  As much horseback riding I did and as many times as I fell off.  I have never once sprained anything, I have never broken a bone and I have never had stitches. Until now... Well...I guess having my first stitches at 23 years of age is not so bad.  Ok...for those that are as curious as I are my very first stitches EVER!!!

Scroll down for picture!! :D

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Week 9 "Hilarious Outtakes" Photo Challenge

Here is my Hilarious Outtake.  I did a photo shoot with a wonderful friends and her family.  She has twin girls and one has a cute little "attitude" and I was able to catch her showing this attitude towards her brother and sister.

See other great photos at: