Monday, February 28, 2011

Chattanooga and Chattanooga Cupcakes

When Derek and I were in Chattanooga over Christmas break we splurged and went to a cupcake shop! I dont have a picture of the cupcakes because, well, we ate them before we were able to take a picture but here is a picture of the box! haha! They were amazing! I think it would be the most awesome thing to own a cupcake shop. It was just cheery and cute inside and I LOVE cupcakes. Enjoy! If you are ever in Chattanooga you should get some cupcakes from here.

Enjoy a few other pictures from Chattanooga while I am writing about it! We had such a blast! :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Our 1st 3d Movie together

This was going to be my wordless Wednesday but I didn't get a chance to post it yesterday, so here it is today! Derek and I went to see The Green Hornet in 3D. That was the 1st time I had seen a 3D movie, basically because I refuse to pay the extra $3 when regular movies has served me well for the past 24years but whatever, I gave in because we wanted to see it and it was only offered in 3D. So here we are with our goofy glasses. Everytime I would look at Derek in the movie theater I would just laugh a little inside cause they are so darn funny looking. haha!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Day Tradition

So, back in 2006 I had no clue what to get Derek for Valentines Day. I didnt have much money to spend and seriously, what do you get a guy for Valentines Day?!? They can get a girl chocolate and flowers and be good. If you are not college students then maybe you can get your significant other a nice piece of jewelry. I digress, I had a delima, so I was scanning the picture frames at Target (I do this often by the way) I have this obession with picture frames. Wierd, I know, but again, I digress. I found one that day that you could write on. The light bulb came on, I can get a picture of us and write "Happy Valentines Day 2006" What a clever idea! I grabbed that $2 picture frame printed that $0.19 picture and TaDa! Inexpensive, sweet, heartfelt Valentines Day gift. haha! :) So, I knew I was taking a risk, we have only been dating a few years, what if he doesn't like it... well, he loved it and next year, he asked for the same thing. He has gotten one every years since. ;) Except this year, his frame is late, bad wife, I know. :) He will get it eventually!

Terrible picture but you get the point. :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Birthday Date!

Derek and I were finally able to go on a Birthday Date! My Birthday was last week and we were so busy it took almost 2 weeks for us to be able to go!

We went to Shuckers! We had only been there once and it was very good. We got a gift card for Christmas and it as just as good the second time! =)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

I have a desk again...

When Derek started as youth pastor at Stony Hill we stored our 2 desks and got a bigger one for him. He would have more space to study. I started taking classes again and realized not have a "place" to study was not working for me. We brought my desk back out of storage and now, I have a place to study. My place! I love it already! =)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Guess What I Got!!!!

Lightroom!! As an full-time employee at an institution, I get 80% off of Adobe Products! I tried the 30 day trial version of Lightroom and loved it, so I decided it was worth the money, especially at 80% off!

Also, the laptop in the background is also new! Derek and I realized that with us both taking classes and going to the library, a new laptop was needed. We were blessed with some extra money at Christmas that we were not expecting, so, we decided the best was to spend it was a new laptop! I love it and Derek can use it in almost all his classes!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thankful Thursday!!

I found out a few weeks ago that my old college roommate (who is also one of my closest friends in all the world) was coming back to the US for about 8 months! I was beyond excited! So, this weekend, she is coming to stay with me and D for a night and I cannot wait!!! I have a feeling there will be lots of talking and laughter! =) Love you Ber~Ber! So thankful you are back for a while! I have missed you dearly!! =)