Saturday, July 28, 2012

Family Photos!!

Since we were adding 2 new family members this year (1 through birth and 1 through marraige) I decided it would be a great year to do family pictures! So for Christmas that was the gift to my parents. We finally got the pictures taken June 21.  My mom wanted it to double as 6month pictures for Thomas. Here are a few of the highlights from our pictures!
My Little Man!! =)

The Boys!
Left to Right: Derek, Kenneth, Patrick (holding Thomas),  Jacob, and Kenny (Dad)

One of my favorites! lol.

The Girls! 

So cute! Another one of my favs.

The original 4 siblings! It was an interesting childhood with 3 brothers! 

My Family!! I love it! =)

haha! This kind of picture worked better when he was an infant. 

My boys!! 

Me and the T-man.

T with his GiGi and Opa.

The whole crew! 

and again...

and again! =)

I love my family and I was so glad to be able to get these pictures taken!

** If anyone wants to know these pictures were taken by Kelly Hunter. She did a great job and we had a wonderful time. She also takes pictures for Southeastern Seminary. 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Honey Did List!

So, I dont have a lot of jewelry but I have enough that my jewelry tree was always falling over.  I could never keep it level and I was afraid that my "real" jewelry would get lost in all the cosmetic jewelry.  A week or two ago I bought some hooks so that I could better separate the jewelry and get it off the tree and off the bathroom counter since we don't have very much room as it is.

Thomas and I went with my parents to their farm in VA last week for a few days.  Derek had to work so he came up on Saturday and stayed the day and we came back together Saturday night. When I got home Derek had not only cleaned the house but hung the hooks and waited for me to organize my jewelry the way I wanted.  I was so excited.  He had also hung Thomas' Frog that holds his bath toys!

It was so fun to come home and have those things up! It feels much more organized and not so cluttered in our bathroom now!! I wish I had before pictures but I didn't take any.  But here is the final product.  I like the way it organizes the necklaces so that they don't get all tangled together.

I have such a sweet husband!! Instead of a Honey Do List.  This is my Honey Did List!! =)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

7 Months Old!!

I cant believe Thomas is over a 1/2 year old!! He is growing so fast. Here is his 7 month picture:

7 months old
Stats: I dont have any stats for this month.  Next month I will weigh him and try to get his length.  Then we go back to the Pediatricians office when he is 9 months old.

Eating/Sleeping: I have been giving him baby food for a month now and I have made some and bought some.  It is not hard to make it but I am still trying to decide if I want to keep making it or buy already jarred.  It is a big decision for me because I have thought for a long time that I would just make it but it is turning out to not be as cheap as I thought it would and he likes the Gerber food better.  We will see what I end up doing. It is definitely easier to pick him up some already made while I am at the store buying our groceries. He is sleeping great.  All night still and he is napping like a champ almost every day.  He has bad days but that is expected.  But for the most part he has a morning nap and afternoon nap for about 2-3hours each time.  I am able to get so much done during his naps.  During the morning nap I do some Bible Study and drink some coffee then workout and if he is taking a really good nap I can get a shower.  It is AMAZING! =)

Clothing: 9-12 Months.  He has a few 6 month clothing items that still fit but they are getting fewer and fewer! =)

Talking: In the last month he has distinctly said, "da-da", "ma-ma" and "no-no."  Right now, everyone is, "ma-ma." If he wants the attention of a person the just starts saying "ma-ma."  It is very cute and funny.

New Things: He is getting up on all 4's and rocking.  He has not figured out how to move his arms and legs together to crawl but I think he will figure it out very, very soon.  He usually gets up on all 4's and then falls and army crawls to whatever he wants.

Also, he is non-stop.  It was hard to get his picture in the chair this month.  Here are a few outtakes.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Life with a 6 Month Old

6 Months old seemed to be a turning point for Thomas.  He changed his napping schedule to 2 naps a day instead of napping between each feeding.  He has always been a consistent baby as soon as I got him set to a schedule. So that fact that he has changed his nap schedule was wonderful and hard at the same time.  It took me only about a week to figure out his new consistent schedule.  He wakes up after sleeping exactly 12 hours (I usually feed him once during the 12hrs). And he eats, plays and about 2hrs later he is ready for a morning nap. If he decides to take good naps he is 2-3hrs at this nap time. He wakes up nurses, eats some baby food and is up for 3hrs.  He is then ready for an afternoon nap.
such a consistent little fellow. I am so happy about this new nap schedule.  Everyone has told me that by the time you have something down they change it on you.  So, I am appreciating this as much as I can right now because who knows when he will not be so predictable and we will be in for another change. =) But thus far 6 months has been a welcome change.  I like an orderly house and these long nap times has given me the opportunity to feel like my house is not a disaster zone every day.  It is by no means spick and span but it is at least orderly and that is all I can ask for right now and for the remainder of the days that I have children. The other new 6month thing is baby food.  I have so much fun making and feeding Thomas baby food.  That is something I look forward to each day.  I know it will eventually become one more thing I have to do and not so new for both of us but for now, I really enjoy it. So, 6 months, I welcome you and all the challenges and wonderful things you bring! Over all, I love being a mom and cant wait to be a mom again one day (Im not pregnant) I just know that I want more children (and a lot of them). =)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

"Loving the Little Years"

So, I mentioned in the last post that I am reading a book well here it is! Loving the Little Years I finished it the night I wrote the last post.

This is the first book I have completed since Thomas has been born. It was such a good book.  My neighbor was telling me about it and I said, I have got to read that book! She said she was almost done and I could borrow her copy when she was done.  By the end of the day it was on my door. I was so excited.  I started reading it right away. It is a book that once you start it is really hard to put down.

I loved that this book made me think about the right now, with one child and looking ahead to multiple children.  I want a lot of children and this book was such an encouragement. Because I also like an orderly house and most of the time those do not come hand in hand. =)

Some highlights from this book for me were (these are not quotes just some ideas and thoughts I pulled from what she said):

- As long as my attitude is in shape that is what really matters.  My house can be a wreck but as long as I have an attitude that is pleasing to the Lord and gracious to my children we are doing alright. 

- Is my annoyance with my children because of my own selfishness?? I need to watch my own selfish nature as much as I need to guide my children to not be selfish. (guilty of this already in my child's 1st 6 months of life)

-  Take interest in your children individually.  It is not their fault you had an army worth of children.  Make sure you know each one and what they want and what they like.  (This gave me the idea that when we have children old enough it would be really neat to let each one have a night where they stay up about 30min later than the rest of the kids and Derek and I can invest in each child and learn their likes and their dislikes and really know each child individually). 

- Get to the heart of the child when there is a disagreement or fight not just settle the argument.  She gave the example of her children fighting over a flashlight. She asked them who was more important their sibling or the flashlight.  Obviously, the sibling.  Explain to them that they don't need to let an item not as important get in the way of loving their sibling.  

- If your children want to help, let them! Even if it is not convenient for me or I can do it quicker.  Let them help especially cooking dinner or baking something. I can't let me selfishness claim that sweet time with my child. 

- "Me Time" is okay! If the infant needs to cry in their crib for a few minutes so you can get a shower it is okay! This is a big one for me especially when Thomas was a tiny baby.  All I wanted was a shower and I felt like I couldnt get one with out him screaming his head off.  And then I felt like a bad mom for just letting him cry when all he needed was mommy.  So, this was encouraging because I have had to do that before.  

- Me time is okay but a mom also has to realize the being a mom is a wonderful thing and outside of finding your identity in Christ, your identity comes from being a wife and a mom and that is a good thing! =) 

This was so encouraging and these are just a few things that I pulled away from this book.  I will buy it for other mom especially new mommas that want multiple children!

This book was about 100 pages and after finishing this one I have started a 200 page book (maybe it wont take me twice as long! lol) Shepherding a Child's Heart 

All these books that are out about leading a child and guiding them to love Christ more than just obey instructions that come from a parent.  I am learning so much about parenting already and I love it!  

Monday, July 2, 2012


I finally decided I needed something for consistent exercise and until recently Thomas would not nap consistently long enough for me to do a workout video so I decided to do something I could do with him.  I chose to train for a "Couch to 5K".  Thomas loves his stroller so this worked out so well.  The week I started the training I was at my parents house and my mom was telling me about this running program she is starting.  We realized it was the same thing!?! And we started the exact same day! So crazy, but we decided we would use that as accountability for each other. This week, before the heat set in my mom and I mapped out our 3.1miles and ran it.  Little did we know my brothers (Kenneth and Patrick) and Patrick's girlfriend would show up at different points of the run with signs encouraging us to finish the race! lol.  It was so funny.  They had cold water and cold wash clothes at random places along out run.  I finished it with my best time yet! 35minutes pushing Thomas in a stroller.  Since I was running I don't have any pictures but this one that I took before my mom came in.  She was only 7minutes behind me.  It was so much fun!  I feel so accomplished having started and finished this. And now that it is scorching hot, Thomas is (thankfully) napping good and I am going to start "30 Day Shred" as my new workout! I am going to borrow it from a friend and will start hopefully next week! yay!! =) Here is a picture of my crazy family that I love so much!