Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Chloe's First "Solid" Food

When Thomas was 4 months old he started showing all the signs of wanting to start solid foods. I didnt start him on any and then at 5 months he was waking during the night and was really trying to eat what we were eating and I was sure he was ready for solid foods. I called my pediatrician about it and told her everything but she said to wait! I could not wait for him to be 6 months old and I could give him solids. Chloe was totally opposite. She never seemed to care and I was contemplating not even starting solids until she was a little older than 6 months but the pediatrician said that she needs to go ahead and start learning how to use a spoon. It didnt take long for her to catch on and she is a great little eater!!

Here is a video of her first oatmeal mixed with breastmilk!! =)

Monday, December 30, 2013

Chloe 6 Month Post!!

Chloe is 6 months old!!! I cannot even believe it!! She was actually 6 months old on December 11, but because of Thomas' Birthday on December 17 and then Christmas stuff following a week later it has taken me a while to get to her blog post. I have not been as good about posting with her like I did with Thomas.  I posted with him every month! It is true when they say the 2nd child doesnt get as many pictures, etc as the first child. haha. Sorry Chloe!! Here are updated pictures on her page! I have kept up with monthly pictures!! 

Lets talk about where she is! You can comapre to Thomas' 6 month post

Stats: ( I need to look them up....! )

Sleeping/Eating: She has started solids.  She was not as eager as Thomas was so we have taken it slow. She has started bananas with a little baby oatmeal mixed in to make it thick enough to eat. She has done well and seems to like it ok.

Clothing: Chloe is in 9-12 month clothes. 6 month clothes are definitely too small and I told everyone to buy her 12 month clothes for Christmas!! I cant believe it!! She is such a big girl. 
Size 3 diapers!! =)

Talking/Smiling: She is smiling and babbling. She will say, "mama" and "dada" but doesn't correlate the words with us yet! =)

New Things: She is rolling around and uses this as a mode of transportation just liker her brother. She is sitting and starting to eat a little baby food! She is sitting and babbling. She is a tough little girl with her brother around. She smiles and laughs at him all the time!
Ready for a 6 month picture??? 
Such a little cutie patootie!!