Sunday, August 11, 2013

Chloe - Birth Story

On June 10, we spent the day between doctors offices and the hospital getting ready for my c-section. It was reassuring when I talked to all the nurses and found out more about what was going to happen.  After all the appointments we went back to my parents house and got Thomas and went to the park and enjoyed some time as a family just the three of us! When dinner time came around we went back to my parents house and had some pizza (my choice since it was my "last supper" before I was going to have about 24hrs of clear liquid diet). It was a fun time! I had a really hard time leaving Thomas at my parents house knowing when I saw him again he would not be the only child anymore and he would only be able to visit with me for about 4 days. But I did it and soon after Thomas went to bed Derek and I left my parents house and went home for a good night sleep before our big day!!

June 11 came, the day of the c-section!! I was excited and nervous and just soo ready to meet my baby girl!! We had to be at the hospital at 6am for a c-setion time of 8:30am. I was excited to have such an early surgery time! The IV they put in my hand hurt really bad and blood was spurting everywhere. It was awful! I think the nurse must have been new. Everyone kept telling my everything would be so easy so I was hopeful that it would. The IV was not a good start but I tried to stay upbeat. They rolled me back to the OR and I was praying that I would numb correctly (unlike with Thomas and they had to put me under).  The anesthesiologist came in and they started the spinal. It stung as they gave me the shot and that was suppose to be all I felt but then I felt her putting the spinal in and every move she made while putting the spinal in. I jumped once and the dr said, "Oh, maybe you need more numbing meds" ... "Umm...yes, maybe I do!" It was extremely painful. As she was leaving I heard some of the nurses talking about how she is new. Well, maybe that is why it hurt so bad!!

After all that craziness I was glad to see my OB's face behind the curtain! Familiarity! I was soo glad. I love my OB office and I love all the doctors I have seen there. They all know what they are doing and are all so very helpful. Soon Derek was there with me...another huge relief! I was so tense through the whole thing and would feel nausea coming on a few times but I told the nurses and they took care of it quickly! Praise the Lord for good nurses!! It was no time and my baby girls was here!! She had such chubby cheeks! That is the first thing we both said when we saw her.

They pulled her around and I was able to see her face for the first time. It was so precious!! They then rushed her off to get her cleaned and they sewed my up. That seemed like a very long process but it was reassuring to know that Derek was with our sweet baby girl. He got lots of good pictures for us from when they weighed, measured and cleaned her.

When rolled back to recovery I was so glad to see my girl and my man! Chloe was able to nurse right away and she from the first time was great at nursing (totally opposite of her brother). It didnt take long in recovery and we were off to our room. We were all right on time and by the time we got to the room for a few minutes we were ready for all the family to come see us and especially Thomas and my parents!! We missed Thomas soo much and were ready for him to meet his little sister!!

Overall, it was a good experience. We got our baby girl and she was healthy! Thats what really matters.

I am so thankful for my sweet family and love that my children both have their sweet birth stories!!

Update on Life

Man, oh man!! Life has just been going full blast and life with two kids is great but challenging and I feel like most days I have no time or an so exhausted that I sleep when they sleep. Sometimes I think I could work 24 hrs a day and still not get all of the house work and babies needs completed. Right now Derek is still working a full-time job along with his youth pastor job. =) We look forward to having more Daddy time.

here is the update by month:

May - 

May 17, 2013
Derek graduated!! He officially has his MDiv!! Yay!!

June - 

June 11, 2013
Our sweet Chloe Raine was born!! She is such a sweet baby and a great sleeper!! I have so much to catch up on with her!! Birth story, Month 1, and she is almost 2 months!!! Yikes!

The other thing that happened this little brother got drafted by the Boston Red Sox!!! We are so incredibly proud of him as he starts his journey as a professional baseball player!!

July - 

Around the 4th of July we had a some family pictures taken from Jenna Markiewicz

August - 

We have started house hunting!!! It is a crazy time for us as we search for what could be our 1st house! It is a crazy market where we live right now and definitely a sellers market.  It is hard to find a house and not get outbid. Everyone is overpaying for houses and snatching them away!! Arg! Oh well, the Lord knows what is best for us and we will patiently wait for the right house!! =)